SecureCRT – Inital Setup

Initial settings to set yourself up for success.

  1. On the menu bar, go to Options > Edit Default Session…
  2. Under Connection -> SSH2 enter your Username
  3. Check the “Store password” box, enter your password and click [OK]
  4. In the Key exchange box, Scroll all the way down, and check the diffie-hellman box
  5. Under Terminal -> Emulation change “Logical Columns” to 90
  6. Change “Scrollback buffer” to 128000 
  7. Under Terminal -> Emulation -> Advanced change “Line send delay:” to 300
  8. Under Terminal -> Appearance change “Current color scheme” to anything you like
  9. Under Terminal -> Log File add a “Log file name” of:
    %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\SecureCRT-Logs\%H – %Y%M%D_%h%m-%s%t.txt
    Then check “Start log upon connect”
  10. Click [OK] and click “Change ALL sessions (no undo)
  11. On the menu bar, go to Options > Global Options
  12. Under Terminal ->TFTP Server set the Local Directories to the folder you want to use for TFTP sessions, and click [OK]
  13. click [OK]
  14. If using CAC authentication, uncheck “Add keys to agent” under SSH2

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